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We live in a interesting world, scratch that, interesting universe. There are many things in this called "universe" that make us wonder... We decided to share the most interesting facts about the world we live in with you guys. Did you ever wonder what your dreams mean? We have the answer to that, and much more.

Why You Experience Déjà vu!

What is Deja Vu? Deja Vu in french literally means, “Already seen.” And it’s the sensation that what is happening to you at that very moment, has happened to you before, perhaps on a day you’ve forgotten or in a dream, or if you believe in such things, in previous life. Spiritual people claim deja vu is you tapping into your experiences, of either your previous life, or it’s you temporarily accessing your shared consciousness of all of the other “yous” in an infinite number of alternate earths.

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