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What is Law Of Attraction, and How to Use It

Law of Attraction

Would you like to know: How to join that 10% of the world population that earns 90% of world’s money?

Why does “The Secret” and Law of Attraction both gain more attention and followers?

Where do those “weird incidents” that bring incredible good or bad luck to your life come from?

The answers to those questions you can find in a phenomenon, which you are a source of.

Focused attention is the greatest force of creation.

Mystics know about it. Scientists know about it. Recently, it has been popularized as the “law of attraction”. It’s time for you to find out what it is.

What scientists will tell you about the Law of Attraction:

First we would like to mention that Law of Attraction is not the most accurate name for this occurrence. We like to call it the Law of Reality Alteration by Concentrated Thought. You do not “attract” anything, rather impact your reality with consciousness.

The whole world consists of vibrations of subatomic particles. The vibrations of these particles defines everything you see around – your body, your cellphone, trees, animals, the air we breathe.

Scientific experiments indicate that these particles respond to your focused attention. When you’re not present they behave in one way, but when you look they behave differently. The mere presence of the person performing measurement changes the outcome of the experiment.

If you examine the light by concentrating on its wave nature then you will conclude that light is a wave. But if you perform the experiment focusing on the materiality of light, the results will show that light is a particle material. So what are the particles of light? It depends on You. It depends on how you look at them. It depends on what you think of them.

If you entire reality consists of such molecules, then you’re constantly changing them by changing your attention on them. And believe us, the possibilities are endless.

“Spiritual” explanation of Law of Attraction

You are immaterial being who creates material experience for yourself. You do this by surrounding yourself with material world, which is energy vibrating at a certain frequency.

There is an infinite number of “parallel” material worlds, which insignificantly differ with their vibrations. You’re the antenna that tunes in to receive certain range of vibrations, from which you build physical reality.

Certain narrow bands of vibrations you can see, hear and feel. Physical reality consists these bands of vibrations.

By changing your thoughts, emotions and beliefs you tune your antenna to receive slightly different frequencies. As a result, you begin to notice the “parallel” world that is confusingly similar to the previous one. With slight difference it contains what is a reflection of your new thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

If your entire life you believed that all men are pigs, and suddenly you decide that men are great, you literally reprogrammed your antenna receiving the reality. You will begin seeing more and more great men.

If you change something on an energetic level of vibration, the physical reality must replicate this change. There is no other way because you start to see a different reality.

So actually, your thoughts do not change reality only make you see another, parallel world.

The world seems such a “stable” place despite changing your thoughts and emotions because your deepest beliefs (e.g. mortality of the body, or that you are here on earth) remain unchanged in the subconscious mind. Parallel worlds to which they “are moving” are confusingly similar to each other. The reason is that the changes are subtle.

There are shamanic cultures that cultivate radical changes between worlds. However, if the shaman begins to live in a different world, you will not take notice of this because you stay in the same world. Any changes are subjective because as an antenna you subjectively receive and interpret vibrations called reality.

Reality is subjective. Focusing on something you begin to receive another reality in which there is more and more of what you focus on.

As you can see, the “spiritual” explanation is much more “crazy” and sounds like science fiction. We wonder how many years will it take scientists to get to this explanation we have described for you above.

You have the power to create, but what to do with it?

Since the world adopts to your thoughts then it is logical that the more you think about what you want, the more of it you will get.

So what would you like to have more of?

Would you want to have more dangerous, reckless drivers on the roads? Because if not, then stop to criticize and complain about the drivers when they do something wrong. By focusing on something you create more of it. Instead direct your focus on safer roads and vehicles being built.

Or maybe you would like to have more money? In this case focus on how much money you already have in life. Feel as if you’re rich. If you have $100 in your pocket you could buy sooo many things with it. You could buy 25 packs of your favorite chips, 5 cool T-shirts or go to the movies couple of times.

Sure, you could focus on the bills you have to pay. But ask yourself: What do I want more? Money in your pocket or bills? Think of money. Feel like you already have it.

Sure, we will not teach you effective “attraction” through one article. There are books about this law. What we have written here is just an introduction. Expect next articles!

Law of Attraction: “Am I doing this right?”

If changing reality by means of concentrated attention is new to you, you may have this question in mind. “Am I doing this right?”

A lot of people are doing it wrong, for instance, involuntarily focusing on their debts with a sense of absence.

The best way to test whether you create what you want is the question: “How do I feel about what I focus on?’

If what you focus on arouses negative emotions, then you create a reality for yourself that you do not want.

If what you focus on arouses positive emotions, then you create a reality for yourself that you want.

This one simple question will always guide you what to concentrate on and what not to concentrate on.

What would happen if throughout your entire life you would focus only on what makes you feel good? You would create your own paradise.

So I should pretend that debts and reckless drivers do not exist?

If they exist then do not pretend. It makes no sense to deny what is already created.

Simply concentrate on aspects of debts that arouse positive emotions in you. Find those things in your financial situation and “road situation” that arouse positive emotions. Then you will find more and more positive emotions in your life.

Debts might motivate you to seek the best possible job for yourself. Once, this debt, which you’re paying off, allowed you to live in this wonderful house. You appreciate your house and will gladly pay for it.

Knowing that you cannot trust every driver on the road motivates yourself to drive more carefully. If other drivers are also motivated this way they are becoming safer drivers.

Every situation has its positive and negative side. Now, that you already know this, consciously focus on the positive side.

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