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The True Message of Jesus! (What religion doesn’t want you to know!)

To tell you this is no coincidence and nothing happens by accident each event and adventure is called you your self by yourself in order that you might create an experience who you really are all true masters notice that is why mystic masters remain unprotected in the face of the worst experience of life as you would define the great teachers if your Christian religion understand this they know that Jesus was not perturbed by the crucifixion but expected it. He could have walked away but he did not he couldn’t stop the process at any point he had that power yet he did not he allowed himself to be crucified in order that he might stand as men eternal salvation. He said that what I can do look at what is true and no event these things and more shell you also do or have I not had a are God’s yet you do not believe you can then believe in yourself, Church was Jesus compassion that he begged for her way and created it to sell impact the world all might come to happen self-realization if in no other way than through him for she defeated misery and death and so my view the grandest teaching of Christ was not that you should have everlasting life but that you do not that you shall have Brotherhood in God, but you do not that you shall have whatever you request all that is required is too new for you had the creator of your own reality and life can show up no other way for you then that way in which you think it will use drink it in to be this is the first step in creation of God the Father thought your thought is the parent which gives birth to all things she’s one of the laws we are to remember yes and you tell me others I told you I’ve told you them off since the beginning of time over and over and talk to them teacher after teacher have I sent you should not listen to my teachers you kill them. Why do we kill the holiest among us we kill them before dishonor them which is the same thing why because they stand against every thought you have that would deny me and denying me you must if you are to deny yourself why would I want to deny you hear me because you’re afraid because my promises are too good to be true because you cannot accept but grandest true and so you must reduce yourself to a spirituality which teaches fear and dependents and intolerance rather than love power and acceptance to shield with fear and your biggest fear is that my biggest promise might be life’s biggest lie has so you create the biggest fantasy you can to defend yourself against this you claim that any promise which gives you the power and guarantees you the love of God must be the false promise of the death god never make such a promise you tell yourself only the devil would to tempt you into denying god’s true identity as the fearsome judgmental jealous vengeful and punishing entity of entities even though this description better fits the definition of a devil if there were one you have a signed devilish characteristics to God in order to convince yourself not to accept the godlike promises of your Creator God like qualities to self such is the power of fear I’m trying to go higher fear will you tell me again more of the loss the first LA is that you can be do and have whatever you can imagine the 2nd law is that you attract what you fear why is that emotion is the power which attracts that which you fear strongly will experience an animal which you consider a lower form of life even though animals act with more integrity and greater consistency than humans know immediately if you are afraid of it which you consider an even lower farm life respond to people who love them far better than to those who couldn’t car less by coincidence there is no coincidence in the universe will mean a grand design and incredible snowflake he motion is energy in motion when you move the energy you create effect if you move enough energy you create matter matter energy conglomerate heated moves around ship together if you manipulate energy long enough interest certain way he get matter every master understands this law it’s the alchemy of the universe it’s the secret of all life is pure energy every thought you have have ever had and never will have his create the energy of your thought never ever dies after it leaves your being and heads out into the universe extending forever thought he struck after all congeal all thoughts meet up her thoughts criss-crossing in an incredible  maze of energy forming an ever changing pattern of unspeakable beauty and unbelievable complexity like energy attracts like energy forming to use simple words clumps of energy of like kind enough similar clumps criss cross each other ran into each other they stick to each other to use it takes an incomprehensibly huge amount of similar energy sticking together that Leeds to form that her but matter will form a period she in fact that is the only way it can form once the energy becomes matter remains matter for a very long time unless its construction is disrupted by an opposing her dissimilar form of energy this dissimilar energy acting upon matter actually just members the matter releasing the raw energy of which it was composed this is elementary terms the theory behind your atomic bomb on Sun came closer than any other human being the forest since discovering explaining and functional izing the creative secret of the universe should know better understand how people of light mind can work together to create a favorite reality the phrase were ever to Remora gathered in my name becomes much more meaningful of course when entire societies think a certain way very often astonishing things happen not all of them necessarily desirable for instance a society living in fear very often actually inevitably produces inform that which it fears most similarly large communities congregations often find miracle producing power in combined thinking and what some people call Common Prayer and it must be made clear that even individuals if they’re thought prayer hope which train fear is amazingly strong Chan in and of themselves produce better results jesus did this regularly he understood how to manipulate energy and matter how to rearrange how to redistribute how to accurately control it many masters have known this many know it now you can do it right now this took until they understood this there could be no life as we know it animal needs the mythical names who have given to represent first man first woman where the father and mother of the human experience what has been described as the fall of Adam was actually his upliftment the greatest single event in the history of humankind from without it the world of relativity would not exist the act of Adam and Eve was not original sin but in truth first thing you should thank them from the bottom of your hearts for in being the first to make a wrong choice Anthony produced the possibility of making any choice for all in terminology you’ve made even the bad one but temptress who aided the food the knowledge of good and evil and coyly invited out and joiner just mythological setup has allowed you to make woman man’s downfall ever since resulting in all manner of warped realities not to mention distorted sexual abuse and confusions you feel so good about something so what you most fear is what will most play cue fear will draw it to you like a magnet all your Holy Scriptures of every religious persuasion and tradition which you have created contain the clear admonition fear not do you think this is actually the laws are very simple but his creative fear but tracks like energy love is all there in books she got me on that third one I can love you authorize fear attracts like energy love is the ultimate reality it is the only the all the feeling of love is your experience of God in the highest truth love is all areas all there was an all there ever will be when you move into the absolute you move into LA the realm of the relative was created in order that I might experience myself this is already been explained to you this does not make the realm of the relative real it is a created reality when I have devised and continue to devise in order that we may know our selves experimentally get the creation can seen its purpose is to seem so real we accept it is truly existing in this way God is contrived to create something else other than itself bill instructs chance this is impossible since God is I am all of it is in creating something else namely the realm of the relative I have produced an environment in which you may choose to be card rather than simply being told that you are caught in which you may experience got hit with an act of creation rather than a conceptualization in which the little candle in the Sun the little the soul can know itself is the light here is the other end of La it is the primary polarity in creating the realm of the relative I first created the opposite of myself now in the realm in which you live on the physical plane there are only two places have be here and love sports rooted in fear will produce one kind of manifestation on the physical plane shots rooted in love will produce another the masters who have walked the planet are those who have discovered the secret of the relative world and refused to acknowledge its reality in short masters are those who have chosen only love in every instance in every moment in every circumstance even as they were being chilled they love their murderers even as they were being persecuted they  loved their oppressors this is very difficult for you to understand much less emulate nevertheless it is what every master has ever done it doesn’t  matter what the philosophy it doesn’t matter with the tradition it doesn’t matter what religion it is what every master has done this example and this lesson has been laid up so clearly for you time and time again hold over has it been shown to you to all the ages and in every place through all your lifetime. Shannon every moment the universe has used every contrivance to place this  truth before you in song and story in poetry and dance in words and in motion  pictures of motion which you call motion pictures and in collections of words which you copper from the highest mountain it has been shouted in the lowest place it’s whisper has been heard through the quarters of all human experience has this truth been echoed love is the answer yet to have now come you to this conversation by asking God again what God has told you countless times in countless ways yes I will tell you again here is to know where you to hear what do you think brought you to this how does it come to pass that you are listening to this do you think I know not what I am doing there are no coincidences in the universe.
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