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Focused attention is the greatest force of creation. Mystics know about it. Scientists know about it. Recently, it has been popularized as the “law of attraction”. It’s time for you to find out what it is. What scientists will tell you about the Law of Attraction: First we would like to mention that Law of Attraction is not the most accurate name for this occurrence. We like to call it the Law of Reality Alteration by Concentrated Thought. You do not “attract” anything, rather impact your reality with consciousness. The whole world consists of vibrations of subatomic particles. The vibrations of these particles defines everything you see around – your body, your cellphone, trees, animals, the air we breathe. Scientific experiments indicate that these particles respond to your focused attention. When you’re not present they behave in one way, but when you look they behave differently. The mere presence of the person performing measurement changes the outcome of the experiment... read more

The SURE WAY Of Attracting Prosperity! (Law Of Attraction)

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