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The 3 Levels Of Creation

There are three levels of creation so we are each, each of us three-part beings made up of body mind and spirit.  Just as God is made up of body mind and spirit, so each of us are an individual duplication of the triad of energies which we call God and that trial in our language. I call body mind and spirit and so we each have three centers of creation or three tools of creation body mind and spirit that is to say what you think produces energy in the universe that if you think it often enough and long enough to actually produce a physical result in your life anyone experienced that sure most of us have in fact a guy back in 1946 got a huge bestselling book on this call the power of positive thinking. And our second level of creation is our words as you speak say so will it be done and so your your word is really a form of energy you’re actually producing energy in the room with what you say and that energy is creative you say something often enough loudly enough. And I promise you it will come to pass if two or more starts saying the same thing I am sure you will come to pass and when a whole group of people start saying the same thing it cannot help but come to pass. This is called group consciousness and its by the way why the world is the way it is because our collective consciousness has not allowed itself to be raised to the level of the individual consciousness is of many of us so we our job is to raise the collective consciousness now our actions of course third level of creation that which we do with this shoe in huge collection of energy call her body we start and this is a very gross level of creation very gross level and I’m moving the air right now just just moving your hand through the air is a huge huge movement of energy here that’s why you can literally you can literally push energy towards summit anyone ever come up to you when you weren’t feeling well and just literally stand there with her hand over your head and do nothing else and in five minutes you can begin feeling that 25 seconds sometimes feeling that warms that vibration and doggone it sometimes if you don’t go and what you just did there but I feel good now of course you go even further than that I’ll do this year with this lady who happened to be my wife if you go even further than that actually touch each other incredibly magical things can happen is the energy magical things can happen because the energy is very gross in very very big very happy very very real now the problem we haven’t left is most often people start to think one thing say a second thing and do a third that is to say they do not have the kids would put it all together so they think one thing and do another what they say one thing and they think another well they don’t see what there thinking when they don’t do what they’re saying that none of you in this room have ever had that happen to you in your life but in my experience there have been times when I have encountered that the conflict between the three centers of my creation so I often do not want to tell people what I’m actually thinking because I’m not real proud of what I’m thinking and why you think the economy not or sometimes lately I’ve started to monitor my thoughts I started to when I get a thought in there that I no longer shoes you know that’s not really Who I am I i dont give it a second thought literally don’t just throw it out and if you don’t give it a second thought it’s it’s not normal has power is the nice part about this energy those very soon very ethereal you have to keep thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking it over and over again until it stunk so much that it becomes very heavy with collective energy live literally explains the physics of the universe here life begins to change for you when you begin to say what you’re thinking and do what you’re saying and then you have it all together and you start to create from all three centers of creation and suddenly begin to manifest and produce extraordinary results in your life in a very short period of time see so so thought which is the most serial former white house aide with fittest to use a simple word that finished form of this creative energy and then your word is the next biggest to use a simple word the next most intense and then of course your action start to see as a real dance form of moving energy around in a real gross manner so one of the fastest ways to create something in your physical reality is to reverse the normal process by which we create things usually we create things first by thinking about it I think I’ll go to that party and then we say something about it as in Matilda I’m coming to your party tonight and then we do something about it as in showing up at the party here I am just as I said I would be because I think the thought this morning that’s generally how we produce things in our reality in fact everything in this room was once a thought in someone’s mind there is nothing that was not once thought in someone’s mind somewhere but if you want to really play tricks of the universe and create magic with the stuff of life itself reverse the thought word and deed paradigm turn it upside down and start with the deed that is to say act as if if you want to experience abundance be a pundit and do as pundits does therefore if you have only $5 left your name go to a store and get him transferred made into singles take five singles and a walk down the street and give a single to each of five people who have even less than you do it by the way you will find those people very easily.
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