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Have you ever been in a bar, park, or even gym and see this perfect girl but have no idea how to approach her? There are few steps that you need to learn before you do so, if you don’t your chances will go down. There are many pick up coaches who say their technique is the best but truly you must find your own, since everybody is different. Confidence, is the big key in this, without it you can not do it. So how do you get the confidence? First, you must know yourself 100% and know what kind of men you are so you can attract the right women for you. If your having a anxiety issues (like most men) remember that ” Dam if you do, Dam if you don’t). Only way to beat anxiety is to “not think about the situation and just do it, if you feel good she will feel good. Remember that the vibe you give out it will return to you, so if you come up to a girl all stressed out and shy, you will transfer that to her, so you get the idea. Extra hint* – Visualize a perfect women in your mind and see yourself talking to her and getting to know her.

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