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Removal Request

Our Editorial team members upload daily wallpapers, videos, articles and images that they rightfully own or Download from online sources like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Please inform us to Remove the digital content that we provide on our website as we do not own the copyrights for the images that we display on our website. The content that we display on our website is solely intended for personal use only i.e. to be used as wallpapers on personal computers or personal mobile phones like iPhone or any other device that could be categorize as a personal accessory. Although in any rare case that you find any content displayed here that believe belong to you lawfully and displayed here through any error on our part then inform us with adequate proof so that we would remove the image quickly as we harbor no unlawful intention to provide our users any content that is protected by copyright laws.

JustGoodVibe.Com is a Free Service source under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act criteria that provide its user a space to publish themselves the content that they rightfully own and so use our services to upload and store their digital content on our website. Despite the fact that we consider the copyright laws very seriously and act swiftly and accordingly when anything of such nature is brought to our attention, we do not monitor or rigorously review any content that any user uploads through our services but when it is made known to us that there is any content that violates the copyrights of any person or organization we act accordingly and remove any such content to protect the copyrights of the owner.

JustGoodVibe.Com: we would make certain that such content is removed from our services to protect your copyrights. If you have any questions or facing any problem in this regard then contact us.

In case you feel we have mistakenly used one of your images on our website that should not be there. Please inform us about that image by providing the following detail about it.