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Law of Attraction – How to Release Your Power of Subconsciousness

In 20 years, you’ll enter your room and will be welcomed by a very advanced computer voice. You’ll say “light” and the light will turn on.

Instead of a desktop computer you will start to operate holographic three-dimensional image with your hands. Just say a topic, and the computer will search for relevant information on the internet and immediately display it to you. Asking about a specific problem would instantly display solutions for you. I imagine that I would be able to introduce a topic to the computer and it will create an article for me.

I’ve seen it in one of the Iron Man movies and I think that we will reach that level of technology one day. With technology becoming cheaper and cheaper each one of us will be able to afford it. But on the other side why would you need a super-computer at home if you’re already much closer to one like it.

Each night you fall asleep, but your heart continues to pump blood through your veins, your stomach continues to digest your dinner and your breath constantly. Not only that, each from 100 trillion cells in your body knows what to do. Can you find a computer that can operate this?

When you put your shoes on you always start putting them on in the same order. You always tie your shoes in the same order. If you’re right-handed you probably start with your left shoe.

But that is still nothing…

law of attractionThe parents agreed to a very unusual experiment

And scientists set up cameras at home to monitor a baby. They monitored the development of a child and wrote thick reports for several years. Among other things, they’ve observed that after several years 92% of that child’s behavior was automatic.

If after only several years a human being automates 92% of its behavior think how many things you do automatically. A child brushes its teeth and ties its shoes consciously. We no longer do. 99% of what we do is done automatically. Unless you have an interesting job, for instance Base Jumping.

In order to fully understand this, test what you are reading now. Put your hand over the other.

How did it go? Is one hand on the outside and the other on the inside? Now answer this question:

How did you know where to put each hand?

Your subconscious mind knows perfectly what to do

The sub consciousness, your subconscious mind, the lower self, the unconscious mind – it is really an internal command center that controls all the automatic processes of your body and mind. All internal processes, reflexive behavior, thoughts and emotions are the work of your subconscious mind. Most advanced NASA computers cannot compare to your infinite potential for process management and information processing. See for yourself how much of it there is:

And that is only a small part of the functions of the subconscious. You probably already know about it, but have not thought about how to use these magical powers!

How to initiate the Law of Attraction, which is the creative power of the subconscious?

We’re not talking here about how to gain magical powers. You already have them. You already use them every day. Now you will learn how to consciously exploit them to your advantage. But first, we will give you four main reasons why this power is necessary to achieve lasting success and happiness:

Using the potential of subconscious Law of Attraction:

  • You will have more energy to achieve the objectives
  • Diseases will become less likely to interfere with your plans,
  • You will improve your results in writing, speaking, sports, and any other skills.

But that’s nothing. Real powers are in your mind:

  • You will program an error-free autopilot, thanks to which you will reach any goal
  • Learn new skills much faster
  • You will remember more facts and information related to your goal
  • More often, you will notice new opportunities and possibilities in your life
  • You will think more positively
  • You will incredibly develop your creativity
  • You will fix the problems that seemed impossible to solve

More than that, you will take your emotional life to the next level:

  • You will be able to handle any emotions in difficult situations
  • You will be constantly motivated to act
  • You will smile more often
  • You will multiply the joy of life

Is this motivation good enough for you in order to tame your magical powers? That’s good, because in the next article we will give you a method of working with the subconscious that is incredibly simple and most efficient.

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