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Habits To Manifest Your Dreams Using The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction – How to make that leap to a more pleasant reality?

In the previous article of this series you learned how the well-known Law of Attraction works.

With an infinite number of parallel realities that exist within the energy vibration, you receive one and perceive it through you five senses. The Law of Attraction relies on the ability of your conscious decision to start to receive a parallel reality somewhat different from the previous one. In this new reality you can be happier, richer and meet your dream partner.

Of course, this “leap” to another reality will be so subtle that you won’t even notice it. You are able to go only through such changes that maintain a logical sequence of cause and effect of your life. Hence the illusion in one and the same reality.

However, these subtle changes between two realities will lead you to a new and better life. Just as a golf ball will miss a hole by a mile when a golfer sets his angle skewed by 1 degree angle. Delicate change every second of your life will accumulate within a few years to completely change your bank account balance and marital status.

Think – if you are the same person you were 10 years ago? Of course not! But you are like that person from 10 years ago. Skipping to another reality, with the help of the Law of Attraction, you will see that everything will be similar but different. You do it all the time. Now you will just begin to consciously use the mechanism that you used all your life.

How to jump to a parallel reality with the Law of Attraction?

However strange this title may sound, here lies the whole truth about the Law of Attraction. You do not attract things to yourself, but yourself to those things. At first our team followed the Law of Attraction a little in the dark, by intuition, following scraps of information heard from various sources. Some said in order to succeed we have to constantly think of what we want to attract to ourselves. Others said we should not think just feel it. Still others talked about the treatment of our internal locks keeping us away from what we want. Over time, it became more and more obvious to us what this is all about:

In making a conscious decision with all your heart, without a single doubt, that you will become rich, you move to a parallel reality, in which you start to feel rich and more wealth you begin to notice around you. In an ideal time your bank account will also reflect that decision.

The same applies to your health, relationships and everything you want in life.

So is the Law of Attraction so easy? That I just have to choose?

On one hand simple, but on the other hand…

So I decide I’m making $6,000 a month working smoothly and pleasantly!

Hmmm, but do I really need so much money? What would I do with it? I do not deserve that amount of money working smoothly and pleasantly. My father toiled all day his entire life for half of that amount and I don’t want to work too much? I don’t know. But they told me that once I decide I will get it. So I decide. I decide now!

Such a decision would not quite work. You see, all of the parts of you need to decide. If any part of you says “I do not deserve it”, it does not qualify as a decision made “will all your heart” and the Law of Attraction is not going to work.

Why not? Because all reality we perceive is filtered through your beliefs. You are not able to perceive reality incompatible with your deep convictions. Will not have the money which, according to your beliefs, you do not deserve. Or possibly you’ll get the money and quickly waste it.

Once I earned $2,000 while I was still supported by my parents. I thought to myself, “Holy crap, what am I going to do with all this cash?” I started to buy such silly things that I was surprised myself. Finally, I went to a lower balance with which I felt comfortable.

If you maintain a belief that you do not deserve a certain man or a woman you want you’re simply not giving the Law of Attraction a chance.

Your decision must be PURE:

  • Consistent with your beliefs:
    • Regarding yourself or self-esteem
    • Regarding what is possible and what is not
  • Supported with positive emotions:
    • Attracting a partner, feeling lonely, will not work
    • Attracting something out of fear does not work
    • Attracting something to prove something to yourself has low chance of success
    • The strongest attraction comes from abundance, love and joy
  • Made with 100% confidence, that this is what you want, down to the smallest detail. Remember that you can get a Porsche in a thousand different ways – a stolen car bought from a thief not necessarily falls into your interest.

How to distinguish between approaches that will take me to my desired reality?

We’ve done it so many times that we can easily sense when it works and when it doesn’t. But possibly you’re not as weird as our team and you haven’t spent hundreds of hours feeling into your emotions. It does not matter because you can identify an approach after less subtle signals. First of all, if you make a decision and immediately feel the internal resistance or internal conflict, then you already know that this approach is not going to work. First you need to stave off this inner conflict. Play the mediator and face off both sides of the conflict until you come to a joint agreement. It really works. In subsequent articles we will teach you more about it but for now this game of a mediator is all you need. As long as you do it!

If, however, you feel the excitement, the inspiration into action then you know that you are on the right track. Then act, feel the inspiration. That is the feeling that will point you to the path you have chosen. The feeling of inspiration is the guide leading you by your hand to a place you’ve decided to reach.

In subsequent articles of this series we will teach you how to break free from internal obstacles that stand in a way of making a clear and pure decision.

However weird this may sound, have a great trip to a better future!

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