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You need to look at the "end" picture what you want to accomplish and do the work until you get it done. There are many ways to do so, first of all you need to get your sleep, if you wake up with out energy there is no way you will be motivated to do the work, your brain need the sleep to work how it should. Drink a lot of water - Hydration Has a Major Effect on Energy Levels and Brain Function. Drinking water can increase your cognitive function. Your brain needs a lot of oxygen in order to function at optimum levels. Drinking plenty of water ensures that your brain gets all the oxygen it needs. Drinking eight to ten cups of water per day can improve your levels of cognitive performance by as much as 30%! Drinking plenty of water also supports nerve function. It ensures that your body's electrolyte levels remain high enough to allow your nerves to relay messages to and from the brain in the way they were meant to.

Discipline is Greater than Motivation

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