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Have you ever thought how old movies are? The oldest movie was created way back in 1906. It was an Australian movie titled “The Story of the Kelly Gang”. In just few months it will be 110 years old. Since the creation of this first movie the whole entertainment industry has changed in almost every aspect. Today movie makers do not have to travel the world to find that one spot that will be the best for their movie. Today what they need is just a green screen, an actor and a software professional to create whatever scenery desired. Movies bring tears, laughter, joy and even anger to our lives. They often make us think how we would act in a situation presented on the screen. It educates our brains and emotions on what possible situations in our lives can become and prepare us for the right move. The truth is we only remember those great movies that we enjoyed and always love to come back to. This industry would not be as successful if it would not allow us to identify ourselves with problems, characters, desires and needs presented in those movies.

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