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Male Celebrities are a great example of what many men strive for. For starters we would like to remind you that not everything you see on the screen or the newspapers is who they really are. The biggest mistake we can make concerning male celebrities is to look up to them as something out of our reach. The truth is that they are the same people as you and us. By thinking that they are greater than we are simply takes you away from the Law of Attraction. Instead, we should be thinking that back in the days, when no one knew their names, they struggled as much as anyone else in this world. It was their hard work and the long-term goal they had in their minds that brought them to where they are now. Instead of being jealous of their wealth, recognition, awards, we should be thankful that those people exist and bring the motivation to us and set the goals for the many of us. Even if your goal is not to be famous but to live the “good” life like they do would be a great concentration of your thoughts to bring you closer and closer to your own personal perfect world.

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