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Games. That is a great topic. Who has never heard of people blaming all the crime and violence in this world on games, especially games like Grand Theft Auto? This is the most accurate example of people who do not know how the Law of Attraction works. You may find more on how not to use the Law of Attraction in our articles. People who blame the games for all the bad in this world concentrate their focus on those negative events. That is why the majority of their world consists of those negative events. To be honest, every single member of our teams has played Grand Theft Auto for hours. Every single version of this game. The difference is that we do realize it is just a game, it is not reality. That is why our attention is not focused on this game or the affects it allegedly has on the society. We see it as a good example of what not to focus on. We would love to invite those people to our website and change their approach and focus to life. Besides, anything mentioned above, the majority of people who search the internet search it in order to find those positive things that have influenced them in the past, present, or may influence them in the future. That is why we believe that even the most questionable games have brought positivity in people’s lives. You wouldn’t be seeking those negative.

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